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Yes, this is another one of those damn song-claiming communities. It was created because I need something to keep myself occupied with. Later I'll probably be kicking myself for starting this, but hell, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

-You may claim up to 3 songs. (With exceptions - Special friends of mine get 7 claims, and I myself get 10.)

-NEW: You can claim any version of any song. Originals, remixes, covers, live versions, etc.

-If you post more than 3 claims I will accept your first 3 claims only. If you attempt to claim something which has already been taken, I will not accept it. CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST AND RECENT POSTS BEFORE CLAIMING.

-Post your claims IN THE COMMUNITY, not in comments on other entries or the claims list. Claims posted anywhere except the community will be laughed at and ignored.

-No sharing claims. Period.

-If you are changing your claims to another username or giving up your claims entirely, PLEASE tell me which claims are yours so I won't have to search the whole list to find them.

-If you delete your journal and I update the claims list, I'll take your claims off and others will have access to them. If you later undelete your journal, you must reclaim.

-Anyone who harasses another member about their claims or their taste in music will be banned, and their claims will be taken away.

-Do NOT nag me about updating the claims list. That's really irritating. I have a life believe it or not, and maintaining this community is not my top priority.

The rules will be updated as needed.

Your moderator is forever_alone.
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